The "unconventional" business community.

Are you a unique idea that has a great potential to change the world? Is your business built by borderless passionate dreamers determined to pursue their dream no matter how challenging the conditions are?

Said Baaghil is a true believer in the triumph of talent over nationality, race, gender, ethnicity and any other condition that may obscure your success. Baaghil believes that the world still has to learn about great talents and these talents are yet to introduce themselves to the world. From his belief in talents and their capacity to change the world, Baaghil’s mission is to expose you as a talent on our social networks and ask you to join our annual expo: the "Unconventional" conference. Each year, we plan to hold this event in different parts of the world.

The expo is designed to host different workshops. The 2018 expo’s purpose is to empower entrepreneurs. The conference will be held in Lisbon, Portugal featuring ten experienced hands-on-experts we selected to deliver this purpose.

What is in it for you?

Showcase your ideas to the world through our annual gateway.
You are likely to be one of the selected practitioners from our unconventional community to participate in the expo. Reach out and network using our new marketing reach that makes the world small and accessible. Publish your articles and thoughts with us and promote your ideas across our social touch points. Join our webinars. Yes, we can work on a webinar together! The more the idea takes shape and matures, the more challenging the quest with us becomes! Everything in life takes time to materialize. It takes dedication, tolerance and strengthen to reap the fruits of this challenge. Rome was not built overnight, and we want to build something as great as Rome. We are keen to make it happen but we need your support.

You can be our partner only if you share our vision of enabling others through sharing knowledge and coaching. Change can only happen if the public is informed.

First Global Unconventional Conference and Workshop Tour - Lisbon


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