Welcome to the leaders of Tomorrow!

This is the official launch of Ask Baaghil. Not only that through this letter my purpose is to inform you more about Ask Baaghil’s services but this letter is also my way of communicating to you the value behind Ask Baaghil.

Ask Baaghil is a platform to share business thoughts through webinars, workshops and advisory. We are here to inform and coach what’s best for businesses to move away from the conventional practice.

A webinar on Personal Brand


With this launch, my vision (“Tomorrow’s Leaders”) begins.

As Tomorrow’s Leaders, you are the most important asset to Baaghil & Ask Baaghil. On our journey to be Tomorrow’s Leaders, we are bound by one vision, guided by one purpose and determined to accomplish three missions.

 Ask Baaghil is our  “Inform” mission to introduce startups, SMEs and other businesses to the best practices in “Unconventional business through webinars, seminars, workshop and advisory.

Second, we aim to transform the dominant conventional and traditional business mindset by presenting alternatives through Ask Baaghil. The main purpose is to elevate industries through thought sharing by experts from different industries.

Last and most important of all, I am personally and passionately invested in the mission of preparing you as leaders for tomorrow’s challenges. You can’t be Tomorrow’s Leaders and excel in the business world unless you embrace the truth.

The truth is that you are the only one in charge of your life and choices. Your life and choices are not the concern of your family or government and whatever is said discrediting this truth is a conspiracy against your capacity to change the world. What you make of your life is your call, your life is not the business of your family or any government in the world.

For extraordinary ventures, we take extraordinary measures. Therefore, abandon the conventional and traditional worldview that boxed your capacity to think creatively as I welcome you to the “Unconventional” time of doing business.

The”Unconventional” thinking does not end at thinking but is only considered!”Unconventional “when you put it into action.

You are the asset of Ask Baaghil and so each one of you are part of my career. Your success is my success.

Today, you start re-thinking the world around you, realize your true self, get to know your passion in life and start translating your “Unconventional” ideas into actions. Soon, a day will come when we look back at today and smile knowing that we were making history.

To familiarize yourself with Ask Baaghil, please visit the service page and click on each webinar banner to browse all available webinars and feel free to share and invite others to experience our value.

If you own a unique unconventional business, register with “unconventional”  click on the menu button and select “Unconventional” . We are building a community of unconventional businesses and the reward is massive.

As memeber of “Unconventional” community, you receive priority  to attend the annual “Unconventional” conference without going through the selection process. Moreover, you’ll enjoy exposure across our social media pages.

Please share this blog along with the webinars you find of interest to others, to help them reach what they are looking for.

Thank you


Baaghil, Founder


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