Marketing used to be a ‘you and your customers’ face approach, through sales or advertising. Though marketing was the hype just three decades ago, still remains a strong force in the business reality of the Middle East.

Today, great brands strategize for the opposite! What’s the opposite? It is the reverse of marketing, to invite customers to engage.
In the digital age, we’re also evolving from what was once known as “brand” to “experience”. Yes, the digital age made business fully reliant on experience to achieve two things: “lure” customers emotionally and “sustain” their engagement rationally.
Advertising is a dying business while ‘story-experience’ is on the rise. In the digital era, stories spread very fast and are far more impactful than advertising. Personal brand became vitally important, to an extent that is just too scary. Yes, I don’t generally utter words like these but take my word on this!
With the rise of artificial intelligence, humans face competition. In the light of this, personal brand becomes the only way humans can be recognized. In my estimation, HR in the workforce will witness a revolution.

The idea of hiring nationals will decline drastically, and only nations that offer unique experiences will be part of the globalist reach. The world will be much smaller and far lesser brands will dominate activities. Saw how Amazon grew rapidly, right? You haven’t seen nothing yet!
This why just two years ago I decided to transform my entire business to a digital experience, Ask Baaghil, Take Answers and another one is due by the end of this month.

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