Anyone is a brand strategist! You can easily wear the title but what is not easy is to develop what it takes to truly be one!

There are many across the world and not just in the Middle East who can sport the title but never deliver what a brand strategist does. This is simply because brand is now perceived as a new trend and many like to embark on trends, even if they possess limited knowledge. It is absolutely not problematic to keep up with trends yet do not underestimate or overlook the essential need to enrich knowledge and experience when claiming a role pertaining brand and branding.

Titles are fancy and impressive to the audience but they become absolutely irrelevant at the time of delivery. For example, designers hold titles on branding but yet many can’t tell the difference between brand and branding!

Many speak on personal brand and failing to understand and communicate that personal brand is a concept and value beyond ‘fame’. As well, you can’t talk of personal brand unless you transformed yourself into a brand. Isn’t it that we are supposed to lead by examples?

Common convention is unable to see that a brand strategist is just as an artist who has composed and orchestrated his own style of music. Just like in the music industry, brand and branding has become contested between the classic, progressive, and unconventional brand strategists. Each has his own style and ways of making the brand, so please map your own and don’t commoditize the industry! In this era, the digital era, brands are big and much bigger than before and so it takes massive effort, knowledge and expertise to strategize.

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