Brands must humanize their purpose to win online trust! The less the physical interaction is, the higher the trust barrier between businesses, costumers and consumers becomes. Therefore, brands should carefully consider two important elements when online: purpose and experience. These are key branding elements that will establish both brand momentum and recognition.

To effectively deliver brand purpose, content is essential and much more effective than advertising. It lures users to understand, creates the first impression, and leads to relationship before engagement. The conventional question to ask now is: ‘‘Why is relationship more crucial than awareness?’’. Unlike offline engagement, customer and consumer experience is transformed to a user experience which requires brands to have the highest level of recognition associated with users’ trust such as that established by Amazon, Expedia, Uber and others. Travel, transport and retail are well-established online sectors with billions of dollars in spending, these sectors own recognized brands that help build a viable user base.

No brand is ever born a brand! Everything is born as a commodity but with time, ideas and values grow and mature in the minds and hearts of their target audience; and then it matures as a brand.
Remember, there is a lot of nonsense online! You would be easily deemed as nonsense if you favor advertising over content. This is because online advertising is mostly ignored unless it is content-based, so save your advertising budget!

Branding and personal brands are alive and kicking. The majority of effective personal brands and branding we see are online to socialize and be informed.
Welcome to the new face of the business industry where brands that do not communicate well the idea behind them and the values they represent will not resonate with users. The world today is revolutionized by the cyberspace and user-based business. Welcome to the industry of personal brand, the industry of individuality. Welcome to the world of branding based on conversing to communicate and to build relations.

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