What is it?

Strategies and ways to sell products and services have evolved. This evolution has been dramatic and spanned extreme and drastic changes.

In one era, trade marketing alone was winning audience’s loyalty. Now, it fails to lure today’s audience to engage with any brand. There is a major problem underlining this shift and there are two main questions that need to be raised to address the problem.

Is brand just a logo and a design, or is it something much bigger than that?

Where does Egypt stand in the regional brand dome?

To start our long brand journey, we focus on the fundamentals of brand, and how brands grow to lead a category. Certainly in our part of the world branding is mistaken for advertising, marketing and sales. We thought this should be a regional mission.

We decided to start this journey in Cairo, the heart of consumer engagement in the region.

Baaghil, a staunch advocate for changing how brand and business is conducted in the region, leads this mission; joined by two more speakers, Alex Malouf and Sidney Evans who have a very impressive background and experience on brand and reputation management.